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JJ Miami Boat Charters, Pathways 2 Apprenticeship, Elite Brand Consulting, Curve Nation Entertainment, Marcia Woof , STEM-ucate Initiative, IASIBooks , MJ Staropoli , Photo Patch Foundation , . . . And the list goes on. Want to see more? Email us for an exclusive tour!
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Photo Patch Foundation

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Photo Patch Foundation 501 (c) (3)

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P2A Logo by Overnight Tech

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P2A Website by Overnight Tech

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Elite Brand Consulting Website by Overnight Tech Group

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Curve Nation Entertainment Website

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STEM-ucate Reentry Initiative

Our Team

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Our Team is Your Team. OTG works for you. Depend on us like your business depends on it We have lived up to every expectation.

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About us

OTG a.k.a. Overnight Tech Group a.k.a Vampire Coders  
a.k.a The Reason Your Website Brings in the Big Buck$.
We are a team of  developers, designers and programmers who have a shared vision of helping entrepreneurs and businesses establish a strong web presence...practically overnight. #Timeliness is one of our strongest core competencies. When we promise to have your website live by a certain time, we mean it and we always achieve it.


We Are Smart: We really, really, REALLY, know how to maneuver and work the internet. I mean, we've practically mastered it. But seriously, While most web companies try to make you think building your site will be extremely difficult, and hence costly, we are the group of developers and designers that are telling you: "We put in years of work for a reason". Our experiences from yesterday will save you time and money today.


Besides the sound of fresh coffee brewing, the most important moments to us are customer experiences. Because we are all customers at the end of the day, our mission is to ensure that customers do not have to deal with crappy websites designed by money hungry developers. Let OTG help before those creeps hurt your business. You care about customers. OTG cares about customers. We were meant to be :)


Love From Clients

When we're tired of bragging about our awesome service, we go into our bag of Testimonials.


The only limits are your imagination. Dream big and leave the manifesting up to us.

Attractive Design

All of our Themes are designed attractively. Attractiveness is a power to attract visitors, seduce them and convert them into customers. 85% of people that visit a site are ready to buy, the website just has to navigate them smoothly.


Your site will be able to track orders, monitor inventory, maintain a customer list, offer coupons, send automatic emails to customers and you'll have a content management system which will allow you to add/edit/remove products on demand.

Extensive Reports

Get the low down on who visited your site, how often and when. Data is your friend. A lack of data is your enemy.

Hard Work Pays Off!


Feel free to contact us to ask your questions about your full-fledged apps or E-commerce solutions.

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